devoted to the study of the people and philately of the Pitcairn Islands

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Since 1973 PISG has been helping folks to expand their knowledge and interests in the islands, as well as the Bounty mutiny.

The study of Pitcairn philately plays a prominent role in the group's focus. Recent articles in the Pitcairn Log, PISG's quarterly publication, have addressed such diverse topics as 19th century mail between Pitcairn and Norfolk; imperforate error discoveries; an analysis of the varieties of the 1940 booklets; and use of current high-value definitives on parcel mailings from Pitcairn.

But the study group is not just about stamps and postal history. We also promote the study and research of all facets of island life. This includes history, geography, customs, language and non-philatelic artifacts. Recent articles include a report on the celebration of Bounty Day; the construction of a new school on Pitcairn; an analysis of lives lost due to the mutiny; as well as reviews of recently published books connected to Pitcairn.

About Us