H.M.A.V. Bounty  
devoted to the study of the people and philately of the Pitcairn Islands  
Chapters, Affiliations, Etc.

American Philatelic Society
PISG is an affilate member of the American Philatelic Society (Affilate #46). The APS provides PISG with member referrals, free publicity in their monthly magazine American Philatelist, and free meeting rooms and society booths at APS stamp shows. Their website is www.stamps.org
APS Affiliate Member
American Topical Association
PISG is a chartered study unit of the American Topical Association. The ATA provides PISG with member referrals, free publicity in their monthly journal Topical Time, and free meeting rooms at their annual National Topical Stamp Show (NTSS). Their website is www.americantopicalassn.org
Pitcairn & Norfolk Islands Society
The P. N. I. Society is a chapter of the main PISG organization located in the USA. They produce their own semi-annual journal, The Bounty, and they hold regular meetings in London. Membership in the P. N. I. Society is separate from membership in PISG. However many folks are members of both organizations. Their website is http://www.pitcairnandnorfolkislandssociety.co.uk
Pitcairn Islands Study Center
The Pitcairn Islands Study Center (PISC) is a unique resource for information on Pitcairn and the mutiny. While there is no official connection between PISC and PISG, PISC has provided much assistance and information to many PISGers. PISC is located at Pacific Union College in Angwin, California. Their website is library.puc.edu/pitcairn/index.shtml.