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Pitcairn Islands Stamp Collecting: An Introduction

by Vernon N. Kisling
The first Pitcairn Islands stamps were issued in 1940. Pitcairn Islands new issues are limited. Only a few commemorative sets are issued each year and the larger definitive sets are issued only every five years or so. There are several sources for obtaining Pitcairn Islands stamps and these are provided below. There is also information on albums, catalogs, and a bibliography on subjects important to Pitcairn Islands stamp collecting.
The Bureau offers a subscription service for new issues which they will send you as the stamps are issued. This service is offered directly through the Pitcairn Islands Philatelic Bureau official website.

Stamp dealers are the most common source of stamps for any country. While many dealers would have some Pitcairn Islands stamps, others specialize in British Commonwealth stamps and would have a more comprehensive inventory. However, few dealers carry anything other than the normal issues and it can be difficult to find other material, such as plate blocks, FDC, and varieties. Stamp dealers can be found listed in the philatelic newspapers/magazines or online. Many also attend stamp shows.

Many stamp dealers provide their inventory online. In addition, collectors and others provide stamps online as well, particularly on websites such as eBay, bidStart, and the APS Stamp Store (must be an APS member to buy or sell, although anyone can look). Many normal issues, as well as more unusual material, can be found on these websites. For rarer and more expensive material you need to keep up with the auctions, most of which are online. Pitcairn Islands material does not often appear at auction, but when it does, you do not want to miss the uncommon opportunity to bid on what you need.
You do not need to keep your stamps in an album, but they should be kept in a protected manner. Stockbooks can be used, as can pages in a looseleaf binder, or you can make your own album. Albums can be handmade or you can use one of the several computer design software packages now available.

The albums listed here have heavy stock, good quality album pages with places for each stamp. Most have illustrations of the stamp issues; however, the only one with descriptive text for each stamp issue is the Seven Seas album. Each publisher sells album binders separately from their album pages and the pages are punched for the number of rings in the publisher's binders. So, unless the pages are three ring punched, you need to use binders from the same publisher you buy the pages from. These publishers also provide annual supplements to keep the pages current for new stamp issues. Regular albums are ones having pages without archival mounts to hold the stamps (you need to provide your own mounts or you need to use hinges). Hingeless albums have archival mounts to hold the stamps. Philatelic computer programs that generate album pages from your home computer are not listed.

  1. KaBe Pitcairn Islands album (hingeless) / available through stamp supply dealers
  2. Lindner Pitcairn Islands album (hingeless) / available through stamp supply dealers
  3. Palo Pitcairn Islands album (hingeless and regular) / www.paloalbums.com / 800-572-5967
  4. Scott Pitcairn Islands album (regular) with three ring punched pages / available through stamp supply dealers
  5. Seven Seas Pitcairn Islands album (hingeless) with three ring punched pages having descriptive text / www.sevenseas.com.au / POB 321, Brookvale NSW 2100 Australia
Any catalog with worldwide coverage will contain Pitcairn Islands stamps. These are the most pertinent and popular among U.S., British, and Australian/New Zealand collectors:
  1. Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. Scott Publishing Co. Sidney, Ohio.
  2. Seven Seas Australasian Stamp Catalogue. Vol. 2 / Oceania. Seven Seas Stamps. Brookvale NSW Australia.
  3. Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue. Stanley Gibbons, Ltd. London.

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