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Welcome to the official website of the Pitcairn Islands Study Group (PISG). The goal of this website is to help members and visitors develop a deeper understanding of the Pitcairn people and their history and to get the most out of their Pitcairn-related collections (or help them start a Pitcairn collection).

Please enjoy exploring this site and visit often for Pitcairn updates. If you would like to join the group, please make a quick visit to our membership page.

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PISG Auction 131

PISG Auction 131 is under way. The auction catalog is included in the April Log. Auction closes April 30. Questions to Everett Parker. Images for lots 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are shown below.

Lot 2

Lot 4

Lot 5

Lot 6

Lot 7

Lot 8

Lot 9

British High Commission Press Release

The British High Commission in Wellington, New Zealand has requested that we make the attached press release on the recent Disapora Survey available to our study group. Click here.

Diaspora Survey: Calling Pitcairn Descendants

The population of Pitcairn is currently around 50 and the Pitcairn Islands Council is looking to increase the population count over the coming few years. The Council is therefore supporting a Diaspora Survey and an Economic Report on the Pitcairn Islands to gain more information. Kirsty Burnett and Rob Solomon from Solomon Leonard Ltd have been contracted to undertake the work.

The Economic Report follows up on the Pitcairn Islands Council’s Strategic Development Plan which recognizes the need to increase the population count through encouraging some of the Pitcairn diaspora to return and settle on Pitcairn. The report will review existing economic analysis, make an assessment of Pitcairn’s economy, and provide recommendations on the way forward.

The Diaspora Survey will ascertain potential interest in and the conditions under which Pitcairn descendants would return and live on Pitcairn. While there is a good starting base to send the Survey questionnaire to, it is really important that as many descendants as possible have the opportunity to complete the questionnaire.

So if you are a descendant or have family/friends/colleagues that know any Pitcairn descendants or have any relevant or interesting information please get in contact with Kirsty (details below) or the Pitcairn Islands Office in Auckland, New Zealand (through the website www.government.pn). Kirsty Burnett, mobile in NZ is 0064 21 0672680, e-mail: Kirsty@solomonleonard.co.nz.

Index to The Pitcairn Log now available online!

An online index to The Pitcairn Log was compiled by PISG Vice President Dr. Vernon Kisling, Jr. in conjunction with the project to digitize all issues of the Log through October 2011. Even though the index does not display the articles themselves, it is still useful for users who possess the original publications. Those who do not may simply purchase the new DVD, which comes with dedicated search software for the retrieval and display of any article through the use of an index similar to what appears online. See below for ordering information.

Own The Pitcairn Log and The UK Log on DVD

Own the entire run of PISG’s The Pitcairn Log on a single DVD! The PISG DVD contains all quarterly issues in PDF format from 1973 through October 2011 plus three out-of-print PISG monographs: Pitcairn Postal History 1914 to 1927 by Wilfred Bloom (1984); The Pitcairn Islands Radio Station and its Postal History by Taffy Hook (1992); and The Pitcairn Anthology by Everett Parker (1998). Also included are William Volk’s 1998 index to the first 100 issues of The Pitcairn Log and a bonus monograph, Pitcairn Island Nineteenth Century Mail, by Stephen Pendleton (2008).

Similarly, own the entire run of PISG-UK’s The UK Log on a single DVD! The PISG-UK DVD contains all semi-annual issues in PDF format from 1991 through July 2012 plus two bonus monographs, Shipwrecked on Pitcairn by Bob Hearn (2001) and The Forgotten Bligh by Madge Darby (2004).

A free installation CD with search software is sent with each DVD. The search software runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (both 64-bit and 32-bit). However, the PDFs of all documents can be viewed using Adobe Reader on any operating system.

If you don’t own all the interesting back issues, this is your chance to expand your library inexpensively. Or, if you own the old issues but need to downsize, this is an opportunity to shrink your library without forgoing access.

Both DVDs are distributed from the U.S. To order, email mbutterli(at)gmail.com or send your check payable to “Pitcairn Islands Study Group” to PISG Treasurer Mark Butterline, 6 Carbone Circle, Maynard, MA 01754-2046. If you are a member of the organization(s) whose DVD you want to buy, then the prices for each DVD are as follows: $15 to USA, $15.50 to Canada and $16 to rest of world. If paying via PayPal to mbutterli(at)gmail.com, add $1. Non-members please add $10 per DVD.

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