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StampShow 2007
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PISG at StampShow 2007

StampShow 2007 was held from August 9-12 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. PISG operated a society booth at the show in conjunction with the Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group (FIPSG) and the St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society (SHATPS).

The booth gave collectors interested in remote British territories the chance to talk and relax during the busy four day show, with several signing up to become members. It also provided an opportunity to take a few pictures (see below):

Oregon Convention Center Oregon Convention Center

Show Registration Show Registration

Peter and Ted Former PISG and APS President (and current FIP Vice President) Peter McCann & PISG Vice President Ted Cookson

Peter and Ted Peter and Ted at the joint British Remote Territories Society Booth

Mark and Joe PISG President Mark Butterline and Canadian PISG Member Joe Ochs

Wendy and Steve Former PISG Director Wendy Niem and PISG Director Steve Pendleton, with SHATPS member Al Underberg

Show Floor Show Floor

More Show Floor More Show Floor

Yet Even More Show Floor Yet Even More Show Floor

Jenny A Certain Plate Block

Jenny Under Glass A Certain Plate Block Under Glass

PISG Officers Past & Present Ted Cookson, Peter McCann, Jerry Jensen, Steve Pendleton, Mark Butterline, and Wendy Niem

Photos by Ted Cookson